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Theatre Projects

Montagna Productions work with in house writers to produce theatre projects on a small scale. Despite the small come back in theatre, we're will to work with outside writers on a project and so still encourage new writers to send their scripts to us, however it is a field we are slowly moving away from. Even if we are not in a postion to help out other compnanies that we work with, maybe.

How it works

Because of the small amount of return in theatre, we will only put money forward if we feel there is the chance of a return. To do this we take account of the script, writer, director and the chosen venue that you or we will secure.

Theatre Productions
Cause for Concern
'Cause for Concern' was Montagna Productions first theatre production. It was based on the death of Raymond Thomas Worwood in 2003. Read More>
Montagna Productions is working with Pocket Mercury Productions to help bring this exciting new play by Andrew Keatley to the stage.
Simple 8
Montagna Productions enjoys its close relationship with Simple 8 theatre company. Visit >

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