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Montagna productions

Montagna Productions is the delivery tool to a number of collaborative ideas, ‘sometimes success comes not from one great idea but from a lot of good ones. Its a tough world, especially when it is film or theatre related’. The definition of the word project is an individual or collaborative enterprise that is carefully planned and designed to achieve a particular aim.

What we do

We work with other companies on non-profit projects relating to film or theatre. Working with councils, charities and other organisations we take an original idea and transform it to a stage, screen or school production.

News at Montagna
A Quest to SAVE Percy
A Quest to SAVE Percy has just been nominated for a pending award. Click here >
Filming in New York
Montagna Productions latest production crosses the pond and films in New York.
Montagna Education Logo
a new division focusing on educational projects relating to
film and theatre. Click here >

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