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Montagna Productions became a Limited by Grantee company in July 2007. It was set up by producer Matthew Worwood as the delivery tool to a number of collaborative ideas, ‘sometimes success comes not from one great idea but from a lot of good ones. Its a tough world, especially when it is film or theatre related’. The definition of the word project is an individual or collaborative enterprise that is carefully planned and designed to achieve a particular aim. Each project requires a different group of proffestionals and we have taken time to establish positive working relationships with other organisations, allowing us to create the right production team designed to meet the individual needs of each differing project. We work with teachers, actors, writers and directors all looking for creative ways to produce their ideas in film and theatre and lift it above the clouds. We provide that opportunity whilst fulfilling our need for production experience .

What we believe

We believe that luck is only preparation meeting an opportunity and our aim is to help prepare a project and then go and get the opportunity’. The projects we work with have some relation to film and theatre and depending on the size we will work with other companies, giving ideas the best possible chance to succeed. We work with charities, councils and businesses on our projects, with the one aim of bringing ideas from ordinary people to the stage and screen. We are a new friendly company based in London and have huge ambition and talent. If you have matching ambition and a good idea then we want to hear from you, sometimes a little bit of advice from and experinced company can make all the difference to that 'dream project'. For more details contact us...

Company Directors
Raymond Thomes Worwood
This company is founded in the memory of Raymond Thomas Worwood, who belived that 'in life if you want something, just go and get it'
Matthew Worwood
Company director and Producer Matthew Worwood

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